PCA Racism Awareness Campaign

Cricket in England has benefited from a rich mix of ethnic diversity and, fortunately, cases of racism in the County and International game have been very few and far between. Nevertheless, it is the aim of the PCA to ensure that racism is given no opportunity to take root in the game. 

First class cricketers, whether on the County or International stages, are role models, and as such, owe a duty of care not only to each other, but also to the cricket watching public. Children are the future of our sport and the example set by players today will forge the character of cricketers in years to come. 

Spectators and officials should give the same respect for players of different ethnic backgrounds as they would expect to receive themselves. 

For many years cricket has enjoyed an excellent reputation for moral and sporting values. The PCA’s Racism Awareness Campaign goes hand in hand with efforts to uphold such values and ensure that all play is within the spirit of the game. 

The PCA is driven not only by its duty to uphold the rights of its members, but by an overriding social responsibility to all those involved in the game of cricket and, a determination to keep racism out of our sport. 

The PCA will be working together with the ECB and County clubs on how best to manage any incidents of racist behaviour, whether on or off the field. It is the responsibility of players, spectators and officials to report any such incidents.


With other sports having high profile, recent cases of racism, the PCA message is timely and clear. The game has a well-known reputation for strong on-field sportsmanship, but there are always lines that should not be crossed on or off the field. Racism is one of them, it’s just not acceptable”

                                       - Mark Ramprakash, 24 January 2012

“Cricket has a global multi-cultural society reflecting the general population and an ability to bridge social divides and prejudices. This acts as a reminder to all within cricket and the wider society that racism of any kind is unacceptable."

                      - Vikram Solanki, PCA Chairman, 24 January 2012


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Click here to read the ICC's Anti-Racism Code

If you have any questions about the PCA’s Racism Awareness Campaign, please contact Angus Porter on 07584 262083 or emailaporter@thepca.co.uk

One Game

The PCA also supports the ECB's One Game campaign.

One Game is an ambitious project aimed at widening the appeal of the sport and ensuring as many people as possible are welcomed into the game regardless of age, race, ability or gender.

A key part of the One Game project will be the One Game Pledge which everyone in cricket will be invited to sign as a public declaration of their commitment to a fully inclusive game.

England one-day Captain, Paul Collingwood was one of the first to sign the pledge, along with the rest of the team at the sixth NatWest Series ODI at The Brit Oval in September.

The ECB have also produced a One Game film. A 60-second celebration of the diversity of the game in England and Wales, the One Game film shows the many faces and settings of cricket and celebrates the game's unique diversity and reach.

For more information on One Game and to view the One Game film or sign the pledge please visit www.ecb.co.uk/ecb/one-game

























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