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England FTI MVP Winter 2013/14
  Player Batting Bowling Field Capt. Wins Pld Pts Average
1Broad, Stuart46.75163.77734.01922511.82
2Stokes, Benjamin74.7494.66404.01517711.83
3Bresnan, Timothy52.5895.59604.0191588.32
4Bopara, Ravinder72.5958.29405.0181407.77
5Buttler, Joseph95.490.003405.0181347.47

Eoin Morgan has salvaged some pride from the wreckage that has been England’s tour of Australia, and his attacking brand of batsmanship might point the way forwards for a team in need of some rejuvenation. Morgan has scored 210 runs at better than a run-a-ball in the three one-dayers to date, including two fifties and a breathtaking hundred in Brisbane. He has contributed more than a quarter of England’s runs in the series (25.86%) and more than half his runs have come in boundaries (13 fours and nine sixes). Morgan has earned more than twice as many MVP Ranking points as his nearest colleague, Tim Bresnan, to top the Winter ODI FTI MVP Rankings. Morgan has twice finished an ODI MVP campaign in second spot – most recently (last Summer), he ended up 14 points adrift of Ravi Bopara.

Morgan’s 106 in Brisbane was his sixth ODI hundred in 110 games. A career strike rate of 87 runs per 100 balls, combined with an average of over 40, suggests a top-class one-day player. If you compare the top two ranked batsmen in the ODI ICC Rankings, however, Morgan still has work to do – AB De Villiers has a strike rate of 94 runs per 100 balls and an average of 49.46, and Virat Kohli has a strike rate of 89 runs per 100 balls and average of 52.24. They have 16 and 18 ODI hundreds respectively from 159 and 126 matches.

Tim Bresnan is second with 58 runs at 149 runs per 100 balls and three wickets, while Chris Jordan continues to impress in third. 18 months ago, Jordan was playing second team cricket at Surrey, but a move to Sussex reignited his career. The MVP Rankings show that in 2009 Jordan finished the season ranked 248th in the County game. He missed the next season due to injury and finished 318th and 290th in the following two seasons as a Surrey player. His first season at Sussex saw him finish 15th overall and third in the County Championship FTI MVP Rankings, scoring 408 runs and taking 59 wickets. 


  Bat Bowl Fld Capt Wins Plyd Pts Avrg
Morgan          44.61             0       0             0            0            3           45       14.87   
Bresnan 11.11 10.05 0 0 0 3 21 7.05
Jordan 1.68 18.29 1 0 0 3 21 6.99
Bell 18.78 0 1 0 0 3 20 6.59


Ben Stokes continues to lead the Overall FTI MVP, although his nearest challenger, Stuart Broad, is now back in action having been rested from the first two one-dayers. Ian Bell has moved up to fourth with scores of 41, 68 and 29 in the one-day games. His 138 runs represent 17% of England’s total, but England will need bigger scores from Bell if they are to register their first win against Australia on this tour.

Overall FTI MVP

  Bat Bowl Fld Capt Wins Plyd Pts Avrg
Stokes        62.55  70.89           2     0             0            7           135           19.35      
Broad 33.30 88.31 2 0 0 6 124 20.60
Anderson 5.98 60.09 7 0 0 5 73 14.61
Bell 60.42 0 5 0 0 8 65 8.18
Cook 55.32 0 9 0 0 8 64 8.04


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