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Legal Advice

The PCA offer advice on the following:

Contract Negotiations – moving County or just negotiating for your next year.

Loan System Advice – knowing your rights and being proactive.

Commercial Contracts – signing a contract and making sure you get a fair deal.

Disciplinary Advice – its vital that you contact the PCA for advice on disciplinary proceedings from the earliest opportunity.


We also offer legal advice for llife outside of cricket on issues such as:

Buying a property

Commercial transactions

Living With Your Partner:

  • Co-habitation agreements 
  • Renting a property together 
  • Buying a home together 
  • Children 

NB: There are no fees or contracts that tie you in.

If you are looking for advice on any issue – cricket related or not – contact Jason Ratcliffe on 07768 558050 or email



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Negotiator Service

The Chief Executives’ View

 ‘‘We recommend that all our players use the PCA during contract negotiations as we feel they always have the best interests of the player at heart. They also have the knowledge that allows them to benchmark against other players within the game, which I believe generates more realistic salary expectations and leads to a better negotiated settlement. In many cases, agents’ demands are unrealistic and this can lead to a poor relationship between the player and the club. Money is unnecessarily filtering out of our game into the hands of agents who charge the player, or try to charge the club, for a service that the PCA currently provide free of charge as part of their on-going commitment to player welfare.’’

David Smith, Chief Executive of Northants


 ‘‘I have always felt that the PCA provide a very good, unbiased and straightforward service in negotiating contracts on behalf of players, particularly the younger ones. It is something that we recommend at all levels to our players and we will continue to do so.’’

Tom Richardson, Chief Executive of Gloucestershire

The Coaches’ View

'If a player is reluctant to speak directly to a club about his contract, I would always recommend they use the PCA. Most of the agents I deal with are decent, but I know the PCA undoubtedly have the best interest of the player at heart. They also have a good idea of what is good for the player and the game as a whole. This does not always mean that holding out for a significant pay rise or going to the highest bidder is the best thing to do. My dealings with the PCA have shown me that players will get unbiased advice and help that will not cost them most of the pay rise their agent may or may not get.'

Angus Fraser, Director of Cricket, Middlesex CCC

‘‘The PCA's negotiator service works extremely well. Their understanding of the salary landscape ensures that negotiations are professional and sensible, resulting in both the club and the player being happy. I'd recommend more players take advantage of the service.’’

Chris Adams, Director of Cricket Surrey CCC






‘‘After using the PCA’s negotiator service, I would recommend that all players considering contract negotiations contact them without hesitation. These discussions can prove to be difficult, but by using the PCA, players can be confident that the knowledge they are getting is professional and that they are receiving a balanced representation to ensure the best possible outcome.’’

Vikram Solanki, Surrey CCC




‘‘At the end of the 2012 season I decided that I needed a career change and to move from Glamorgan. I decided to use the PCA to sort out my new deal. Their help was invaluable, they were absolutely fantastic and I am very happy indeed with the outcome. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their effort and hard work, and recommend them to all players who need help during their next contract negotiation.'’

James Harris, Middlesex CCC



 ‘‘I would like to thank Jason Ratcliffe and the PCA for their excellent advice and involvement in negotiating my professional county contracts. Their experience and professional skills have been invaluable, thus securing an extremely positive outcome. There are numerous agents who charge a lot for their services, but the PCA have done everything they could without costing me a penny.’’

Reece Topley, Essex CCC


‘‘The main reason l initially got an agent was to assist the negotiation of my contract. After three years l realised that l was paying for a service that l could get through the PCA free of charge.This however, was not the main reason l chose to use this service from the PCA. With the amount of information the PCA has access to, they are able to negotiate accordingly. Additionally, when they do negotiate, you can rest assured they are doing it with your best interests at heart.’’

Matt Spreigel, Northamptonshire CCC


‘‘I can’t speak highly enough of the negotiator service the PCA offer. They give you all the information required and handle all the negotiations for you. They take the stress away from any contract discussions so you can concentrate purely on your cricket. I would advise more players to use this service in the future.’’

Hugh Waters Glamorgan CCC


‘‘I have used the PCA negotiator service for my past three contract renewals, which is another fantastic service supplied by the PCA to its members. If you are looking to either renew your contract or move on, the PCA offer an unparalleled knowledge base to help you find a new position or secure you in the position you are currently in.’’

Peter Trego - Somerset CCC



Registered Agents 

In March 2011, the ECB enacted an updated Regulation governing the Registration of Agents. From 1st April 2011, no-one may act as an agent within the context of the Regulations in English and Welsh cricket without being registered with the ECB.

The Regulations and the application form are available on this page, along with all necessary background and educational materials.

If you apply to become a registered agent, you will need to take an exam to qualify if your initial application is accepted, so it is well worth studying the background materials as all you will need to know to pass the exam is contained there.


For an Agents Registration Application Form, please click here

For an Agents Registration Renewal Form, please click here 

For the full Agent Registration Regulations, please click here

For the Guide for Agents, please click here 

For the ECB 2015 Anti-Doping Rules, please click here

For the ECB 2015 Illicit Drugs Policy, please click here

For the WADA 2015 Prohibited List, please click here

For the 2015 Clothing and Equipment Regulations, please click here

For the 2015 ECB Cricket Events Regulations, please click here

For the 2015 ECB Minimum Standards for Players' and Match Officials' Areas, please click here

For the ECB Directives, please click here

For the ECB Directives Governing Qualification and Registration of Cricketers, please click here

For the ECB Governing Body Endorsements Criteria, please visit

For the Cricket Discipline Commission Regulations, please click here

For Contract Carve-Out Clause (individual sponser agreements), please click here

For The PCA Standard Agency Agreement, please click here

For Players Standard Contract of Employment, please click here

For the ECB Anti-Corruption Code, please click here

For further information, please contact Ian Smith on 07798 698201






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