Seven Things needed to win Ashes

Here Press Association Sport assesses seven things he will need to do to reclaim the urn for his adopted country.

1 - Bring the best out of Captain Cook

The debates about Alastair Cook's leadership have been going on for far too long - he first did the job in 2010 and now has now skippered 33 Tests.

He will take England into the Ashes at the very least and Bayliss needs to make sure Cook's approach is clear, consistent and clutter-free. Merely aping Brendon McCullum's gung-ho philosophy is too simplistic.

2 - Master the Mitchells

Mitchell Johnson was England's moustachioed nemesis in the 2013/14 whitewash, a relentless tormentor to the tune of 37 wickets.

Mitchell Starc is the man most likely to repeat that performance this year, having ramped up his pace, swing and consistency to truly world-class levels over the last 12 months.

Bayliss needs to find a way for his batsman to not just survive the pair's onslaught but also counter-attack them. No easy feat.

3 - Keep Anderson going

Plenty of garlands have been lobbed in Jimmy's general direction this year, since he overtook Sir Ian Botham's record wicket haul then became the first Englishman to 400.

But truly, England will not fully appreciate what they have until it's gone. At 32 he is closer to the end than the start line but if his workload is managed - in nets, training and matches - he should still be firing on full power at the end of the five-match series. England burnt him out early in 2013 and cannot do so again.

4 - Be the inside man

It is no secret that Bayliss knows many of the Australia side exceptionally well, both from his time with New South Wales and having deputised for Darren Lehmann in a T20 series in South Africa last year.

Both sides have downplayed the significance, suggesting there are few secrets in international cricket, but that is disingenuous. Bayliss must have nuggets of information - technical or mental - that can advance the English cause.

5 - Ride the Root wave

In Joe Root, England have a special player. A wonderfully talented batsman, capable of adapting his style across formats and conditions. But despite his clear dedication he also brings a boyishness and a sense of fun to proceedings. Root clearly enjoys his cricket and too often that is lost in the heat of batte. Bayliss should bottle his vice-captain's outlook and build a team around it.

6 - Harness home advantage

Winning Test series away from home appears harder than ever in the modern game, certainly between the top six nations, and England must lean on that to regain the urn.

They may have been humbled 5-0 Down Under but they have not lost the Ashes on their own patch since 2001. If England can whip up a fanbase already on-side from the New Zealand series then it is not impossible that they could conjure something akin to the spirit of '05 a decade on.

7 - Sort out Smith

Easier said than done when the one-time leg-spinning wise-cracker is now the number one batsman in the world. But if England are to win the series then they will have to win their duel with Australia's number three.

The war of words has begun - with Stuart Broad and Anderson both suggesting they can expose cracks in his armour with the swinging Dukes ball - but the scrap on the pitch is the important one.

  Alastair Cook's form with the bat will be crucial to England's Ashes campaign
Alastair Cook's form with the bat will be crucial to England's Ashes campaign