Travel Insurance

As current players you are covered by a 365-day a year travel policy. You are covered to travel abroad and play professional cricket for up to 12 months.

  • Allowed to make multiple trips.
  • Cover includes wife/partner and children where applicable.

Please note that girlfriends/boyfriends of members and/or officials, who are not their lawful spouse or legally recognised civil partner, are covered by our travel policy, but only whilst accompanying the respective PCA member/official. 

We have always agreed that your policy covers spouses, civil partners and live-in partners whilst they are travelling with or without PCA members/officials, but that cover for girlfriends/boyfriends that don't live with the member/official is restricted to travel whilst they are accompanying them. 

The legally married spouse or civil or cohabiting partner of an Insured Person whom the Insured consents to be covered by this Policy.

If you need a doctor or dentist while away please pay for treatment there and then. Once you have returned, please call Ali Prosser on 07769 880888 or email for a claim form.

X-rays, scans and physiotherapy should also be paid for at the time and only be carried out after a doctor's referral. (If not, your claim may not be paid on return to the UK).  Ongoing multiple treatments whilst overseas should be reported to Ali Prosser in order for the claim to be logged.

Only in an emergency or if hospitalisation is needed is it necessary to call the Emergency line detailed below, in order to notify the insurer of the situation.  Emergency Assistance Provider is Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) and the emergency contact numbers are: 

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Following changes to EU law claims for compensation for flight delays involving an EU airline or a flight originating in the EU (including associated additional hotel expenses) must be directed to the relevant airline in the first instance.


Pre-travel Helpline: +44 (0)208 603 9517

Medical Advice Line: +44(0)208 603 9517

Emergency Medical Assistance Service: +44 (0)208 603 9517