helmet safety

The existing British Standard for batting helmets does not test impacts on the grill.  The vast majority of injuries are caused by the ball either penetrating between peak and grill or deforming the grill.  A new standard which uses a projectile test will be in place in 2014.

Some existing helmets won’t pass the new standard – but new designs are in the pipeline.

Please see the various linked videos below demonstrating the risks of playing with a visor that leaves a gap large enough for the ball to pass through.

Also view this picture showing the result of a helmet injury.

Please ensure you limit this risk and fit your safety equipment sensibly.

Note the videos are in various formats as shown which may require you to install additional software to view.

Cork Pollard grill (MPEG-4)

Darren Maddy ocular fracture (Quicktime)

Dave Fulton injury (Windows Media Player)

Dravid jaw break (Quicktime)

Flynn hi motion (Quicktime)

Lee Tudor eye (MPEG-4)

Lumb hit on grill (AVI)