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Company overview

CricHQ is a cricket technology industry pioneer with headquarters in Wellington, New Zealand and offices in India, USA, Australia, UK, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Since 2010, CricHQ have been creating cutting edge cricket products as part of their mission to redefine how cricket is administered, shared, analysed and followed.

The CricHQ Administration Platform - Cricket’s fully integrated live scoring, competition management and CRM system.


CricHQ’s online competition management dashboard provides cricket administrators with a single location to create, edit and publish their leagues and draws. This platform also fully integrates with their dedicated scoring apps, so scorers at the ground can download fixture details, broadcast matches live and upload final results with the click of a button.

The CricHQ App - Redefining the art of scoring cricket.





CricHQ’s FREE dedicated scoring apps for smartphones and tablets is the easiest way to score a cricket match. With the press of a finger you can capture all levels of cricket from anywhere on the planet and record elite level data such as wagon wheels, pitch maps and MVP points. You can even broadcast your matches live to the internet so others can follow along in real time. 

The CricHQ Social Network - Bringing the cricket world together.


Whether you’re a player, coach or fan, this cricket themed social network provides a platform to meet, discuss and share your opinions on all things cricket. With the ability to post your thoughts, photos and videos, you can share your unique cricketing perspective directly from the ground, clubrooms or even the comfort of your armchair.

You also can “follow” your favourite players to receive notifications and broadcasts whenever they play cricket or post status updates. In fact, you can “follow” any player with a profile CricHQ, no matter the level or grade they play at!

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