PROSPORT INSURANCE – PCA Newsletter - Andrew Pearce Q&A – A Professional On and Off the Pitch

Andrew Pearce is an RFU National Referee and is Head Broker at ProSport Insurance.

ProSport is one of the UK’s leading providers of sports insurance, offering different options to meet the unique requirements of players at all levels, from professionals to semi-professionals and amateurs.

Q1.  Hi Andrew.  How long have you been involved in insurance?

A1. I became an insurance broker over 34 years ago and have been in the industry ever since.  In fact I have been a broker for even longer than I have been a referee.  I first started refereeing for the RFU in 1987 and made it on to the national panel three years later, so I guess you could say that I am experienced in both!

Q2.  Is finding affordable insurance a new problem for cricket players?

A2.  Historically there has always been an issue for professional sportspeople.  It is only through my work at ProSport Insurance that I have been able to convince leading insurers to handle some sports as a standard risk, which has helped to reduce premiums. In fact ProSport can offer sports professionals a saving of up to 50% on their car insurance, plus PCA players get FREE legal cover* on their car insurance and FREE home emergency cover on their home insurance.*

Q3.  What are the most common requests that you get?

A3.  Players are generally just looking to save money on their car insurance, so I do my best to get them a better deal.  Trying to get around higher premiums by purchasing a policy online can also put players at risk if the occupational status doesn’t include ‘sports professional.’ Choosing another status could mean that the cover they have is inadequate.

I also get calls from clubs that have an overseas player.  They ask me to help them get the right cover to drive in the UK, as many players arrive with inadequate insurance.  

Q4.  Is ProSport just a car insurance broker?

A4.  Not at all, we have always had preferential rates for home insurance too and are now able to provide a range of personal injury and income protection plans that mirror the way our car insurance works. In fact, cricketers are entitled to a 60% discount from the standard market rate for these products.

Q5.  Players lead pretty busy lives, what happens if they need to discuss their insurance?

A5.  I am always available, whether it’s for a player that needs to make a claim, amend a policy or even just to provide advice.  Players can find themselves abroad and in different time zones, so I am pretty used to answering the phone outside office hours!

Q6. Have you received any feedback from clients on how they rate the products and service that ProSport provides?

A6. We receive lots of positive feedback from players, ex-players that we insure. For example, Graham Swann has sent us the following testimonial:

“I have been bowled over by the quality of service and competitive quotes I have received from ProSport. What more could you ask for from a specialist insurance broker for sports people?!”

It makes it all worthwhile when you see comments like this from somebody so well respected within the game.

As well as Andrew, the ProSport team is made up of ex-professional rugby player Paul Morgan and sports insurance specialist Phil Olding.  To discuss your options and get a quote, simply call 0845 2178634 or 07773 364294.


*Terms & Conditions apply. Offers are only available until 31st December 2014 and where an insurer has confirmed that they are willing to offer a car or home insurance quotation and for free legal expenses and home insurance cover.  ProSport is a trading style of Brightside Insurance Services Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm reference No. 302216). Registered in England & Wales No. 04137311. Registered Office: Brightside Park, Severn Bridge, Aust, Bristol  BS35 4BL. VAT No. 851 1469 32.




All Sports.  All Sports People. ProSport Insurance.

ProSport is one of the UK’s leading providers of sports insurance, offering different options to meet the unique requirements of players at all levels, from professionals to semi-professionals and amateurs.

The ProSport range is designed by sportspeople for sportspeople, so you can be confident that you’re getting cover that is suitable, from car, home and income protection to sports injury and career–ending cover insurance. Cricketers also get a preferential rate of 60% off the sports injury and career ending cover insurance plans.

At ProSport, we use our first-class relationships with top insurers to treat sportspeople as a ‘standard risk,’ so you aren’t handicapped by the additional costs levied by other providers.

Each of our products has been designed by ex-professional sportspeople to give you a range of cover options that matches your lifestyle, without penalising you for your profession. When you put your body on the line every day it is important that you are protected both on and off the field, with access to a dedicated account handler and a professional 24/7 service. You don’t stop, so we don’t either. 

Policies are available for individuals that are looking to cover themselves and their families, while clubs and associations can also take advantage of tailored plans that are designed to help them enhance any player welfare strategies.

To discuss your options and get a quote, simply call Andrew Pearce or Phil Olding on 0845 2178634, 07773 364294 or














TRAVEl policy 

As players you are covered by a 365-day a year travel policy. You are covered to travel abroad and play professional cricket for up to 12 months.

  • Allowed to make multiple trips.
  • Cover includes wife/partner and children where applicable.

Please note that girlfriends/boyfriends of members and/or officials, who are not their lawful spouse or legally recognised civil partner, are covered by our travel policy, but only whilst accompanying the respective PCA member/official. 

We have always agreed that your policy covers spouses, civil partners and live-in partners whilst they are travelling with or without PCA members/officials, but that cover for girlfriends/boyfriends that don't live with the member/official is restricted to travel whilst they are accompanying them. 

The legally married spouse or civil or cohabiting partner of an Insured Person whom the Insured consents to be covered by this Policy.

Please click here for full policy details.

If you need a doctor or dentist while away please pay for treatment there and then. Once you have returned call Jason 07768 558050 for a claim form.

X-rays, scans and physiotherapy should also be paid for at the time and only  be carried out after a doctor's referral. (If not, your claim may not be paid on return to the UK).

Only in an emergency or if hospitalisation is needed is it necessary to call the Emergency line detailed below, in order to notify the insurer of the situation.

Travel Policy - emergency 24hr number 
Telephone: +44 (0)118 945 0013
Policy number: RKK806998


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