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About the MVP  

An Introduction

The PCA launched its MVP - Most Valuable Player - for the domestic season 2007.

The PCA MVP is the newest benchmark in the game, a statistic that for the first time combines all aspects of a player’s game and gives him a ranking in relation to his peers.

The PCA  MVP is unique in sports statistics. It is an evaluation of the players, designed by the players. It is their game, it is their statistic.

MVP is a core concept in American sport and with its new player ratings, the PCA has seen MVP quickly integrated into the fabric of English cricket.

A player’s overall individual performance

In 2006, the PCA undertook an extensive review of all player-performance related statistics in the game. Our results highlighted that cricket statistics are:

  • Too focused on individual elements of the game –averages, run rates, wickets taken.
  • Not clear and not relevant to all cricket –ICC rankings and other international stats.
  • Not reflective of a player’s total contribution to his team.

Cricket is a game that requires players to be skilled at multiple disciplines. To take wickets, to score runs, to take catches, to affect run outs. The value to a side of a genuine all-rounder cannot be underestimated.

The PCA  MVP are calculated by combining a player’s overall individual performances.

How did we design it?

In April 2006, the PCA set up its MVP Committee. During the 2006 season, the Committee carried out the following steps:

  • An overview of existing player related statistics – strengths and limitations.
  • The engagement of a cross section of players to design an outline PCA player rankings concept and its objectives.
  • The initial design of a formula to process a player’s contribution to any match.
  • The imputing of the first half of the season’s scores.
  • A mid-season review with 10 current players and a refinement of the formula.
  • The completion of the 2006 domestic season’s results.
  • An end of season review – focusing on comparisons of performances.

Current, past first-class and international cricketers have been involved at every step of the design process. The PCA has invested 100’s of hours in the design and development of the ratings formula. It is truly reflective of the players’ view of the game.

The Formula

The PCA MVP is a cumulative points system that rewards players for every run scored, every wicket taken and every catch held – and, how well they do it.

A player achieves bonus points based in certain criteria. An overview of the formula is set out below:

Batting + Bowling + Fielding + Captaincy + Winning = Total MVP points



  • The basis of the batting points take into acccount runs scored, the rate scored at and the % of the team’s total.

Batting bonus points are achieved for:

  • Reaching a century
  • Achieving a benchmark run-rate (varies per tournament, i.e. 1.5 runs per ball in the Twenty20)
  • Scoring over 30%of a team’s runs



  • The basis for the bowling points take into account the number of wickets and economy rates
  • Bowlers achieve higher points for getting out higher order batsmen

Bowling bonus points are achieved for:

  • Achieving a benchmark economy rate (varies per tournament, i.e. less that 6 runs per over in Twenty20
  • Taking 5 or more wickets in an innings
  • Bowling maidens



Points are accumulated for:

  • Catches
  • Run outs – direct hits
  • Run outs – assists
  • Stumpings
  • Bonus for 5 fielding dismissals in an innings



A captain of a winning side will receive a points bonus


Winning teams:

All members of a winning team receive a points bonus.

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