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In March 2011, the ECB enacted an updated Regulation governing the Registration of Agents. From 1st April 2011, no-one may act as an agent within the context of the Regulations in English and Welsh cricket without being registered with the ECB.

The Regulations and the application form are available on this page, along with all necessary background and educational materials.

If you apply to become a registered agent, you will need to take an exam to qualify if your initial application is accepted, so it is well worth studying the background materials as all you will need to know to pass the exam is contained there.


For an Agents Registration Application Form, please click here

For an Agents Registration Renewal Form, please click here 

For the full Agent Registration Regulations, please click here

For the Guide for Agents, please click here 

For the ECB 2015 Anti-Doping Rules, please click here

For the ECB 2015 Illicit Drugs Policy, please click here

For the WADA 2015 Prohibited List, please click here

For the 2015 Clothing and Equipment Regulations, please click here

For the 2015 ECB Cricket Events Regulations, please click here

For the 2015 ECB Minimum Standards for Players' and Match Officials' Areas, please click here

For the ECB Directives, please click here

For the ECB Directives Governing Qualification and Registration of Cricketers, please click here

For the ECB Governing Body Endorsements Criteria, please click here

For the Cricket Discipline Commission Regulations, please click here

For Contract Carve-Out Clause (individual sponser agreements), please click here

For The PCA Standard Agency Agreement, please click here

For Players Standard Contract of Employment, please click here

For the ECB Anti-Corruption Code, please click here

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