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Alastair cook announces PCA as charity for benefit year – 03/03/14


The PCA is delighted to reveal that the PCA Benevolent Fund is set to benefit as Alastair Cook announces that the PCA will be one of his chosen charities during his Benefit Year in 2014.

Alastair Cook was awarded the Benefit Year for 2014 by Essex CCC and has since signed up to attend a long list of international events to promote the Year and, of course, the PCA Benevolent Fund. As he explains:

“The Benefit Year will feature some fantastic opportunities to meet you in the company of my friends in cricket… and I hope this year will not only be great fun, but also an opportunity to help others less fortunate than ourselves.”

The Benevolent Fund has been part of the PCA’s commitment to helping current and former players and their dependants in times of hardship and upheaval, or to readjust to the world beyond the game.

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The PCA is also pleased to announce that all the beneficiaries for 2014 will be supporting the Benevolent Fund which is the first time this has ever happened.

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